Waterbed manufacturer Akva wants to help you with your rhythm in the bedroom with the Akva Sound. The Sound comes with all the squishy goodness you've come to expect from a waterbed, but with the added bonus of being able to carry a tune. Using speakers located in a built-in base plate, Akva Sound can pump all sorts of crazy tunes into your body as you sleep, read or do whatever it is people do in a waterbed these days.

If that doesn't have you vaulting to the phone to place an order already, perhaps the understated Akva sales pitch will sway you: "Feel the gallop thundering through your body — sense the blast from take-off, or lose yourself in the giddying sensation of hovering with eagles in the sky. It is all just motion picture make believe, of course - but when you are lying in your waterbed with its built-in loudspeakers, you feel like Harry Potter on the Hippogriff's back." Hear that? This bed feels like mounting a Hippogriff. SOLD. [Akva Sound]