Alesis FireWire and USB Podcasting Kits

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If you're thinking of starting a podcast or do one already and you're looking to upgrade your equipment, Alesis has put together two podcasting kits you should consider. One has their MultiMix 8 FireWire mixer (8 channel mixer, 24Bit /44.1/48kHz eight channel recording direct to your computer), the other the Multimix 8 USB mixer (8 channel mixer, 16Bit /44.1kHz two channel recording).

The sets come with a microphone, a microphone stand and cable, software (proprietary?) for creating and managing podcasts, as well as Cubase LE general purpose recording software. According to our source, MSRP for the FireWire kit is $599 and the USB kit is slightly more affordable at $399, with both hitting stores sometime in June. There is no hardware or software that can keep your podcast from boring us to tears, but at least we won't be able to make fun of the audio quality!


FireWire Podcasting Kit [Alesis]
USB Podcasting Kit [Alesis]

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