Illustration for article titled Alien Skull Discovered in NASA Mars Photograph, Dr. Bonkers Says

This NASA image—recently taken by Mars Rover Spirit—shows the 5.9-inch skull of a Martian, with binocular eyes 2 inches apart, 1400 cc cranial capacity, and "most likely a carnivore." At least, according to a loony.

The comment came up in a forum, and argued that the alien creature was obviously a carnivore because of his "narrow pointed small mouth." Other commenters smashed the alien-spotter: "The coronal ridge shows ample structure to support the musculature of antennae, although none are visible in this view."


Obviously—and unfortunately—it's just a rock. A rock or an alien who covered himself in beach sand and fell asleep as the Martian seas evaporated. [Daily Telegraph]

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