I'm home for the holidays, driving mom's car around, listening to my SICK high school CD collection. Uh huh, yeah, that's how I roll. Who's looking for a grown ass man? Because that's me.


This is my jam that tells the world and all my exes about my real feelings.

Actually, I'm thinking about "Jaked on Green Beers" because the tune reminds me of crazy things I did a decade ago when my friends and I were too young to do anything besides drive around. We'd keep ourselves entertained by driving from one end of a neighborhood to the other, smoking cigarettes, and singing along as loud as we could to simple anthems. This song's so ambiguously angry and yet so emotive! "I hope this is goodbye! I hope this is goodbye!" (Repeat repeat x100).


Really, though, I swear we drove carefully so as not to spill the milkshakes.

I figure a lot of you have been hanging about your old turf recalling the nonsense you used to do. Do you have a song that makes you think fantastically sad things like "Oh, boo hoo whatever happened to those days? I feel old in my child body. Can I redo my twenties? I wasn't ready."

What's my point? Are you still reading this? It's dark out! Tis' the season! Stop reading Gizmodo, and go find your friends. [iTunes, Spotify]

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