All Ice, No Man

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Northrop Grumman's X-47B is getting closer to flight. The 62.1-foot wingspan unmanned aerial vehicle may populate all US Navy's aircraft carriers by the end of the decade. [Flight Global]


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Problem with these plans is that they are worthless in a fight due to the Ping. They would make great high altitude bombers and spy planes like the predator. After the plane is over the horizon (i.e. flown so far the curve of the earth blocks the signal) It takes 4 minutes to send a signal to or from the plane meaning if the plane camera sees something the pilot wont know about it for 4 minutes. Then it will take another 4 minutes to tell the plane what to do. So it takes nearly 10 minutes to react to anything. By the time the pilot knows whats going on the plane is already shot down. :-( good bye 250,000,000 tax dollars.