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All Parking Signs Should Be This Easy to Read

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Parking signs can be some of the most confusing things on the planet. But New York City-based designer Nikki Sylianteng is on a quest to change that, with a new style of sign which finally makes sense.

Admitting that she's "been hit with one too many parking tickets despite her best efforts," she decided to simplify the design of the humble parking sign. The idea is to scrap the typical jumble of text, times, and exceptions from the signs, and replace them with a simple graphical representation of when people can and can't park.


It's gloriously simple, makes perfect sense and feels like something that every city in the world should embrace. It is, however, a work in project: she's continuing to iterate the design, and is keen for anyone to provide feedback. You can follow her progress on her design blog, To Park or Not to Park. [Nikki Sylianteng via Hunter Walk via Laughing Squid]

Image by Nikki Sylianteng