This is the All Star Tailgating Trailer. Or as I like to call it, the The Get-Drunk-n-Stuffed Out of the Stadium Party BBQ Trailer. This thing-which you can order with custom paint, I'll take naked women in naughty positions and flames on a black background, thank you very much-has all the stuff you need to have a party anywhere, from a beer tap to a giant 60" LCD projection TV with surround sound to a full barbecue and grill, all in a compact 6 x 12-foot space:

- BBQ/Grill

- Two-burner stove.

- One-burner stove.

- Refrigerator/freezer.

- Beer tap.

- Soft drink taps

- Kegerator.

- 160 quart ice chest.

- 2,800-watt power generator.

- Three TVs, one the 60" projection model.

- Surround sound.

- Gaming system.

- Satellite recorder.

- Satellite receiver.


For $19,995, I'm considering buying one to install it in my living room. [All Star Tailgating via Born Rich]