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All the Ridiculous Adjectives Jony Ive Used to Describe the Apple Watch

The Apple Watch reviews are beginning to pour in. All those ratings, specs, and comparisons are way too much noise to pay attention to. A more serene, peaceful way of absorbing the essence of Apple Watch is by listening to every adjective the illustrious Jony Ive has used to describe the device.


Seriously. With so many tech journalists trying to stay at the front of Cupertino’s elite review-unit queue, it can be hard to know who to trust. Why bother? Maybe you’re just better off ceding to Apple’s strategy of pure unadulterated affect, brought to life impeccably by Ive’s soothing voice.

...Increeeeeedibly pooowerrfullll technologyyyyy...


Background video footage from YouTube user oldstuff4all

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Yes. And that’s why Apple sold more of these watches in the first 12 hours of pre-sales than the entire combined android watch industry sold in the last YEAR.