All U.S. Android Phones Reportedly Getting the Bump to 2.1

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We recently heard that Android 2.1 was on its way to the Droid, but now sources tell AndroidandMe that all U.S. Android phones will get Android 2.1 firmware in coming months, though some will require a wipe to upgrade. Updated.


As we've heard is the case with the Droid, some niceties like animated wallpapers probably won't make the jump, but if the updates come to fruition, increased text-to-speech support and enhanced widgets will likely come along with them. The price of getting up to date, Androidandme explains, might be wiping your phone clean. A bummer, but that's life.

Google has shown its awareness that fragmentation is a serious issue for Android, so it wouldn't be surprising to see them try to make things a little more even across the board. The G1 and MyTouch are supposedly candidates for the first wave of updates, so keep an eye out for confirmation in coming weeks. [AndroidandMe]

Update: Sorry to rain on your parade, G1 owners and the like, but after giving this rumor a second pass we're quite sure that it's impossible that some of the older Android phones will get the 2.1 upgrade. Some of the older hardware just can't support all the functions, so while the Droid may not be the only handset to get a 2.1 update, it definitely won't be universal for all U.S. Android phones.



I'd never have to wipe my iPhone to upgrade to the latest OS...