Always Clear the Porn From Your Browser Before Going on TV

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Someone over in the production department at Chicago's WGN news station is apparently learning about internet best practices the hard way today. This very unlucky employee managed to get their little Pornhub Mobile habit splashed all over the local news—and, naturally, the internet took notice.


First spotted by eagle-eyed Redditor GIANTclouds, the glance into this person's special alone time habits appeared for a split second as part of a broadcast B-roll (the video itself has since been removed, but the image is still on Chicago WGN's site at the time of writing). If you blink you'll miss it, but luckily for us, the internet's many eyes are, apparently, always watching—a poignant cautionary tale for the online era and perhaps the best advertisement incognito mode could ever ask for. [Reddit via Uproxx]



Almost everyone watches porn. As Avenue Q accurately claims, the Internet is for porn. It shouldn't surprise us that people look at it, and honestly, sex is natural enough that people shouldn't make such a big deal about porn in the first place. "Ooooh, he likes looking at naked people!" "...and so do you, and so do I, and so does 99% of the human population. So what?"