AMA on Meteors and Fireballs!

NASA's Dr. Bill Cooke, Danielle Moser, and Rhianna Blaauw are be running a Reddit "Ask me anything!" today at 1pm CST (2pm EST, 11am PST. Dear XKCD: I love you.)

From the press release, Cooke specializes in meteoroid environment and its effects on space vehicles of all sorts, and spends time making meteor shower forecasts or building model rockets. Moser models meteor showers, analyzes lunar meteoroid impact data and manages the cameras for the NASA All Sky Fireball Network. Finally, Blaauw works with radar data, analyzes automated meteor fluxes from optical detectors, manages wide-field meteor cameras and monitors comets.


The live-link to the thread isn't up yet, but we'll update when it is is here. Until then, to get you inspired, here's some Hubble photos of Asteroid P/2013 R3 being ripped apart:

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