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If you want your portable DVD player to have a swanky bamboo exterior, this Amadana has that and 10.2 inches of 800x480 LCD goodness along for the ride. Hey, that's almost as big as a laptop screen. It plays DVDs with Dolby Digital sound and can also read SD memory cards, so that means you can play MP3s, MPEG4 movies and display pictures on it, too. If bamboo doesn't suit your fancy, it's also available in assorted colors of (rich Corinthian?) leather.

But wait a minute here. If you're going to spend $1200 on such a device, why not just get a notebook that can do the same thing and lots more, and probably have a bigger screen and cost less? Oh, yeah, there's that rich bamboo exterior. We have to admit, the thing is mysteriously good-looking. But it's dumb.


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