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The Amazin' Beer Chiller uses scientific principles to chill down a cold one in two minutes. Using what its makers call "patented XDR technology," it spins a 16-or 12-ounce beer or soda can in such a way that all of the liquid is exposed to the edges of the can because of the vortex created inside, cooling it off quickly. Then comes the secret part:


The battery-operated device also removes the heat from the outside of the can using special secret technology. All this chilling tech runs on two AA batteries, and all you have to do is just add a little ice and water. Or, you could just put your beers in the refrigerator and night before for free.

Secret? Looks like it uses the same principle as stirring a drink with ice in a glass. So far the Amazin' Beer Chiller is only available in Korea, but if it works as well as its maker says it does, expect to see it in the United States sometime soon. a


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