Amazing Magic Mirror Digitally Changes Fabrics On the Fly

The Fraunhofer Institute-the guys who invented MP3 and screwed the music labels as a result, which is why we like them so much-have a booth at IFA with their latest inventions. The best one is this stunning magic mirror, an augmented reality display that gets any piece of clothing and transforms its fabric in real time. Live, the effect was absolutely amazing, indistinguishable from a real mirror. Click to viewHonestly, when I was in front of it I just couldn't tell the difference from a real t-shirt. It deformed like the one she was holding. I think she's a witch. [More IFA 2008 Coverage]



Well with the bright green shirt it looks like they're just doing a real time chroma-key replacement. Still a neat effect though.

How about we just dip the witch in a vat of green paint and then we can make her wear whatever we want :)