Amazing time-lapse shows river of 70,000 people leaving Wembley Stadium

Photographer Jon Durr took this amazing time-lapse video of fans leaving Wembley Stadium on February 6, 2012, after the friendly game between England and Brazil. You are seeing about 70,000 people controlled by the police. From Mr. Durr:

Here is a short time-lapse of fans leaving Wembley Stadium after Brazil played England in an international friendly on February 6, 2012. I was positioned on a bridge over the walkway in front of the Wembley Park tube station. The police use the horses to regulate the flow of people in to the tub station, so the platforms do not become dangerously crowded.

The match was obviously a sold out stadium of 90,000. The time-lapse begins about 20 minutes after the fans started leaving and about an hour elapses in it, so this is approximately 75% of the fans that left in this direction. A police officer told me that the space from the horses to the first black pole will have approximately 2,000-2,500 people when they are stopped.



Jon Durr is a freelance photographer and editor studying his last year of photojournalism at Columbia College Chicago. He has worked for USA Today Sports images several times a month and have just begun working as a freelance editor for Getty.

You can follow his work in his blog and website.

This is part of a series in which we are featuring futuristic, alien-looking or just plain awesome images of landscapes, cityscapes, and objects. If you are a photographer with such work, please drop me a line here.


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