Amazing trick will distort your vision and make you hallucinate

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This is the most incredible visual trick I've ever seen, one that will make your entire reality melt—literally deforming everything in front of your eyes, shrinking and expanding objects around you. It's mind-glowingly trippy (WARNING: Don't try this if you are epileptic. It may cause seizures.)


1. Make the video below full screen. The video must cover your entire screen.

2. Play it and focus your eyes on the center for the entire duration of the video—around 30 seconds. Watch the entire video.

3. When it stops, look around your house and see how the world deforms in real time. It will look something like the image above, but it will morph and move! At least in my case, the effect lasted for quite a bit. So trippy.

You can download an iOS app with this effect so you can make everyone flip with your iPad at work or home.

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Lasted about 10 seconds for me, but still pretty cool.

The most incredible visual trick for me personally so far has been going to see Avatar, my first modern 3-d movie with RealVision glasses. Watching the movie was fine, but for a full hour after leaving the theater, everything looked much farther away than it actually was. Seriously, I would take a step, then stop to avoid a door that was in reality across the room. I had to be helped in and out of my car (no I wasn't driving) and into the house. We timed the effect at just over 60 minutes, but it felt much longer than that.