It's a good morning for Kindle Fire owners. To accompany the launch of their new virtual currency, Amazon has dropped 500 Amazon Coins (at a value of $5) into the accounts of Fire owners everywhere.


Just unveiled this morning, the new system functions exactly like cash, allowing users to buy apps, games, and in-app items with what is essentially a more centralized version of Bitcoin. Plus, if you're extra eager to jump onboard the Amazon Coin bandwagon, you'll even get a 10% discount when you buy the currency in bulk. What exactly "buying in bulk" constitutes, however, remains a mystery.

Presumably, this is only the beginning of Amazon's new foray should the Coins catch on. According to Mike George, Vice President of Apps and Games at Amazon, "We will continue to add more ways to earn and spend Coins on a wider range of content and activities—today is Day One for Coins.” But even if the project is a flop, at least we got some free money out of it. [Amazon]