Amazon Ejects Embattled WikiLeaks From its Servers

WikiLeaks, that little site you might have heard of, fled to Amazon's cloud servers after being bombarded with DDoS attacks. But it looks like Amazon's had enough of their house getting egged, and booted WikiLeaks from their hosting.

At the moment, the site is back up (for how long, who knows), albeit loading extremely slowly—so it appears Assange et al. have found temporary server shelter elsewhere. [TechCrunch]



While I don't blame Amazon, I find the hate being aimed at wikileaks disturbing to say the least. This man is simply standing up for what he believes in (god forbid his beliefs differ from yours), and even though he is not an American citizen he is being accused of treason, and his life is being threatened for doing what every American has the right to do, stand up against an unjust government. Also, the claims that he is some how guilty of "illegally" distributing the secret documents is absurd. Assanage never once made any commitment to the American government saying that he would not release secret documents. Private Mannings is the one who broke the law, betrayed his country, and potentially put lives at risk by leaking the documents to begin with, he is the one who deserves to be punished (which he is). Assangae, and wikileaks are simply following through on their mission statement of leaking secret government documents in an attempt to provoke some sort of accountability.

On a side note, I hate the fact that wikileaks seems to be focusing on the recent US military leaks, and all the hunderds of other leaked documents are no longer available on the wikileaks site, but that is another, separate, issue.

the long and short of it is, Assanage is simply doing what he said he would do from the day wikileaks was founded. Pvt. Mannings is the one who betrayed his oath, his government, and his country.