Amazon Went Offline in Europe, But Not Due to Wikileaks' Supporters

Last Thursday, a Twitter account purported to be from Wikileaks' Anonymous supporters (the same group which brought down PayPal, Mastercard and Visa's websites) threatened to take down Amazon in a similar DDoS attack. Seemingly it failed, but Amazon's websites in the UK, Italy, Germany and Spain went offline for about 30 minutes each last night, due to a "hardware failure in our European datacenter network," claims an Amazon rep.


Amazon looks safe now, as on Saturday the Anonymous group said they would cease attacking websites, and instead focus on spreading the thousands of cables released by Wikileaks, instead. [The Guardian]


I'm not sure why this was given a wikileaks hashtag. I'd understand if the outage was related, but it apparently isn't.

Maybe we should have a #strangecoincidence tag.