Amazon's Shipping Lockers Are Live in NYC

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Live in NYC? Hate waiting for your Amazon packages to arrive at your doorstep, or even worse, missing the delivery? Start using Amazon Locker, which routes your shipment to a nearby, publicly-accessible locale.

There are eight locations spread across Manhattan where you can route your packages to, provided they're small and light enough (Seattle, of course, and London also have this service available). To activate Amazon locker, head to your the address management page under account settings, and you can search for the Amazon locker nearest to you. Unfortunately, it doesn't work for Free Super Saver Shipping. Wamp wamp. [Amazon]

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I don't get this.

So instead of waiting for it to arrive at my doorstep, I have to wait for it to arrive somewhere else, and then go pick it up?

It sounds like the inconvenience of waiting for online shopping to arrive combined with the inconvenience of having to go somewhere to pick it up! AND no free super-saver shipping?!?!?

I must be missing something big here.