AMD's Atom-Mauling Bobcat and High-End Bulldozer Chips

Sure, AMD's sorta reveling in getting handed $1.25 billion by Intel, but more importantly, they've just revealed the future of AMD chips: The promised Atom competitor Bobcat, and a new high-end architecture called Bulldozer.


Bobcat's a low power chip at Atom, like for netbooks, that can run using less than 1W of power. It'll be manufactured using a 32nm process. It's not hitting until 2011 though, and as Ars' Jon Stokes points out, by then Intel will have been at 32nm with Atom for a while, and already close to going to 22nm.

Bulldozer is AMD's new server architecture, also, slated for 2011 which uses a new design with two "tightly linked cores" as the heart. You can read about it in way more detail over at Ars, though for now, Stokes says it's still hard to tell how competitive they're going to be with Intel's 2011 lineup. Guess we'll see. [Ars, Image via Michele Eve/Flickr]

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