America Still Plays More PS2 Than Xbox 360 and Wii Combined

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Sometimes it's easy to lose perspective amidst marketing. Case in point: Nielsen measured that gamers, on whole, spent 31% of their time on the PS2 in 2008 (more than the Xbox 360 and Wii combined).


The other interesting, though not necessarily surprising finding was that the gaming population spends more time playing the 360 than the Wii, despite the 360's lower install base. Microsoft can probably thank Call of Duty 4 for that win (along with similar online titles).

One point we're not sure about, however, is whether or not portable systems were included in this list. We're guessing not, as the DS would have probably popped up somewhere. [Kotaku]


I've always wanted to know how this Nielsen crap works. I think they are totally full of it. Not because I don't like the numbers (I jumped from Nintendo to Xbox, only playing ps2 at friends houses, just because I thought gaming was a big waste of time in my college years) but because I don't see how they can really test this anywhere near 100% of the population. I mean how can these big brother-esque fuckers know how many people are playing a non networked ps2? Or how many losers are watching American Anal (especially with time zones, dvrs, etc.

Can anybody with any technical knowledge try to legitimately explain this bullshit Nielsen rating phenomenon?