American Horror Story's Murder House Is For Sale!

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That's right. For an easy $4.5 million, the famous house stuffed with over-sexed spirits can be yours. But wait a minute: Doesn't American Horror Story need this house for its second season?

According to People the six-bedroom, five-bath L.A. mansion is on the selling block. And get this: the original house has a grand ballroom which used to be a chapel (nope not creepy at all)!


But doesn't AHS need this house for the next season? Apparently not. Technically, the cast shot the pilot in the actual house, but have been shooting on replica stages since then. So it is very possible that the FX series has all the exterior shots they need in the can (or can recreate them on their stage). Still, part of us thinks that the sale of this home means curtains for the Murder House in the show. For all we know the next season is set in a new house, with new ghosts!

On a funnier note, we love this quote from Evan Peters, who plays the forlorn mass-murdering ghost Tate on whether or not he'd buy the house himself:

"I would never, ever want to live in that house...It's old and creepy and the whole atmosphere there is really terrifying."


Plus it's leaking ghosts everywhere!