America's Century-Old Love Affair With the Automobile In a Single Image

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The auto industry spans across the globe, but America has a particular passion for pistons. Pop Chart Lab's latest print rounds up some of the best, most beautiful, and downright Americanest vehicles ever produced in this great land, from 1895 right up through 2014.

With classics like the original Ford Mustang, timeless chariots like the Lincoln Continental, and legendary flops like the Edsel Citation, Pop Chart Lab's Collection of Classic American Automobiles puts 108 of the U.S. auto industry's finest on your walls. The simple, elegant renderings are instantly recognizable, whether you're a Corvette fan, a Viper lover, or an incurable AMC Pacer aficionado (you magnificent weirdo).


Finally, you can put a Thunderbird, an El Dorado, a Superbird, and a GT-40 on your wall—without making your house look like a 13-year-old's bedroom. [Pop Chart Lab]