Amex Digital Announces Blu-ray HTPC

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Hong Kong's Amex Digital calls its MPC-505 the world's first Blu-ray home theater PC (HTPC), but it's one thing to announce and show pictures of a product and an entirely different thing to actually ship it. The company doesn't say when we'll see the MPC-505 on the market or at what price, but its spec list includes a Blu-ray player sending its signal out via DVI and HDMI outputs, Intel Viiv-enabled computing with an Intel Pentium D 930 3.0Ghz chip and 2GB of RAM, a huge 1TB hard disk, as well as a hybrid TV tuner with both digital and analog capabilities.

It looks like this dog might be able to hunt, equipped to handle just about any home theater chores you throw at it with its PVR capability and remote control. It's no slouch in the audio department, either, with 7.1 channel onboard audio with SPDIF optical out. Nice concept for a home theater PC—now let's see it for sale sometime soon.


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