Amp'd Mobile Pushes One Out

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Amp'd Mobile [WARNING: Hella Flash], the only mobile carrier that uses Shakespearean contractions, is aimed at the children. Those crazy kids love their cell phones, you betcha, so Amp'd is going to give them a nice slider Kyocera slider phone called the Jet.

I saw the UI and some of Amp'd's—man, that's an awkward construction... Amp'ded? Amp'deses?—and I can say that it looks pretty nice. They will have downloadable content and a fascinating organization system so you won't have to dig around to get the latest Avril Simpson song. Instead, you can power through, grab it, and then rock out while you snap jelly bracelets and skateboard down at the Peach Pit.

The youth market is clearly underrepresented in this culture and Amp'd is out to change that. I believe the children are our future. Give them phones and let them lead the way. Show them all the downloadable content that they can buy.


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