AMXD Puts Fighter Pilots' Piddle Packs Out of Business

Please, cease your screaming at the back, ladies, and feast your eyes on the AMXD, aka the "piddle pack." Developed by a Vermont firm, the trunks have a built-in hose and pump (stop boasting, I've heard it all before) which allows fighter pilots to relieve themselves during missions. Until the AMXD, or Advanced Mission Extender Device, came along, the fliers had three options open: diapers; keep it all in, causing potential bladder damage; or let it all out, running the risk of debilitating headaches—or even crashing the plane. More below.

The piddle pack hose is linked to a paperback book-sized pump that drains the wearer's wee into a collection bag. With both male and female models (a pouch for the boys, a sanitary towel for the girls) it could mean that the USAF's planes are safer. Mid-air accidents have occurred, resulting in at least two crashes as F-16 pilots unbuckled to take a leak.


The AMXD costs about $2,000 from Omni Medical Systems, and it's worth having a shufti through the instruction manual, as it's fascinating stuff. [Omni Medical Systems via Wired]

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