An 81-year-old Man's Dentures Deflect a Bullet and Save His Life

I always thought that there was nothing good about dentures. Zacarias Pacheco de Moraes, an 81-year-old man, would disagree since wearing dentures is the reason he's alive. No joke, Moraes was shot in the face but the dentures deflected the bullet.

Moraes was shot while he was tending his bar in Alta Floresta, Brazil. Wait...hold on. 81 years old? Still bartending while wearing bulletproof dentures? Is this the most interesting man in the world or something? Who the heck would shoot an 81-year-old bartender? No one knows!


Officials do know that the bullet was headed for Moraes' brain but hit his dentures first. So instead of piercing his brain, the bullet ricocheted off the fake teeth and lodged itself in Moraes' throat. Not exactly an ideal location for a bullet, but definitely better than having your brain blowed up. He's in stable condition right now but may lose part of his eyesight. Oh, and the bullet is still lodged in his throat as it's too sensitive to pull out right now. What a guy. [Telegraph UK]

Image Credit: Shutterstock/VR Photos

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