An Armchair Inspired by Smartphone Icons

The app icon is a defining feature of technology these days, and now designers are even turning to it for inspiration. This new furniture line, called Apps, takes inspiration from the icons that feature on all our smartphones—and it looks pretty damn sweet.

Designed by Richard Hutten—no stranger to taking inspiration from the tech world—for Dutch furniture firm Artifort, the design is available in a one- or two-person design. Aptly, they're referred to as Version 1.0 and 2.0. Richard Hutten explains the rationale behind the design:

On the one hand, it is a very simple and therefore timeless design; on the other hand, it is entirely contemporary thanks to the flowing forms and a basic shape that appears to be based on icons displayed on a smartphone.


The designs are built around an internal wooden frame, sculpted to produce the distinctive rounded square shapes. The furniture will be available from Artifort soon, though prices are yet to be revealed. [Artifort via MocoLoco]

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