Illustration for article titled An Awesome Donkey Kong Rack For Your Terrible Coffee Capsules

Not everyone has the time to painstakingly brew the perfect cup of coffee each morning. That's why simple capsule coffee machines from Keurig and Nespresso have become so popular. And if you're embarrassed at taking a shortcut for your morning brew, you can distract your judgemental coffee snob friends with this brilliant Donkey Kong-inspired Nespresso capsule rack.


Made from precision cut anodized aluminum, the CapsuleKong can store up to 50 of the cups that are loaded at the top and roll back and forth to the bottom like tiny barrels hurled by an equally petite gorilla. At $170 it's a lovely addition to any kitchen a retro gamer calls home, but we can't help but wonder how you access the cups stuck in-between, and how do you know which is which? [Hologramer via Fancy]

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