Gowanus is a Brooklyn neighborhood long known for its polluted canal and not-so-desirable industrial vibe. But like many once derelict areas, it is rapidly transforming into a landing place for restaurants and young professionals. The still untamed nature of the neighborhood has been artfully captured by Miska Draskoczy in a series of photos called Gowanus Wild.

Draskoczy's photos are all shot at night, each one with a strange glow cast by artifical light sources. It creates an atmosphere in line with the neighborhood's reputation as a toxic wasteland. The sludgy Gowanus Canal presents a particularly strong presence throughout the series. It's incredibly spooky, and also a very subjective portrayal.

Though it leaves out the normalcy one might encounter upon visiting Gowanus in the daytime, the stylization does a great job of tying together what is actually a neighborhood of very diverse elements—industrial, commercial, residential—into a cohesive portrait. It makes you want to visit and explore what is probably going to look completely different in a matter of a few short years.


Gowanus Wild is currently on view through Sunday, November 16th at Ground Floor Gallery in Brooklyn. Miska Draskoczy is also leading a walking tour of some of the documented locations in Gowanus on the 16th from 5-7pm. Head over to the gallery site above for details.