An Exciting 3 Way...Game of Chess

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A chess board recently unearthed in the Czech Republic takes an fresh look at the classic game by adding a third player into the action. Apparently, the game starts out like regular chess, but somewhere near the middle all hell breaks loose in an orgy of complex diagonal moves. Moreover, because their are three players, a certain amount of cooperation must take place to determine a winner.


For example, two players can gang up on the third to speed up elimination and two players must compete for the right to check mate the third. It seems complicated, but then again I suck at regular chess. For anyone with a head for the game, the basic rules are explained in the link. [Meignorant and offiizsamuraj via Neatorama]



My animation teacher has worked on a game similar in concept to this, however that board is based on hexagons rather than quadrilaterals, and many of the pieces are modified.