An Extra Grip Helps This Umbrella Battle Gale-Force Winds

Who would have thought that with just the simple addition of a second grip an umbrella could become more than just a frustrating mess of metal and nylon during a windy rainstorm? But from the looks of it the sublimely genius Grip2 umbrella could make maelstroms easier to manage.

Besides a double-layer canopy that helps prevent the blowing wind from turning your umbrella into a personal sail, the Grip2 has a repositionable second grip on the shaft that provides more leverage and control against gusts. At $55 it's a little on the high-end as far as umbrellas go, but if you actually add up the cost of umbrellas you've lost to storms, it could very well be a worthwhile investment if it actually lasts longer than a month.


[Grip2 via Gizmag]

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