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An Insurance Company Just Filed to Trademark the Name 'Trumpcare'

Donald Trump in a meeting with business leaders on January 30, 2016 (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)
Donald Trump in a meeting with business leaders on January 30, 2016 (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

Ever since Donald Trump announced his plan to run for president, random people have been filing for all kinds of trademarks that include the Trump name. Some are Trump supporters, while others are Trump resistors, but friend or foe, it’s a land grab for intellectual property rights. As you might expect, there are some tremendous entries out there—like the term Trumpcare.


The Republicans don’t have a replacement plan for Obamacare yet. But when they do, it’s fair to assume people will probably start calling it Trumpcare. Curiously, an insurance company in South Carolina just filed to trademark that name—and now they have no clue what they plan to do with it. [Update 11:00am: To be clear, as people have pointed out on Twitter, the trademark hasn’t been accepted yet, it’s only been filed.]

Hibbits Insurance of South Carolina filed for the trademark on January 19th, the day before Donald Trump’s inauguration. I tracked down the founder of the family insurance company, and he sees the filing as just a bit of fun.


“I’ve been in the insurance business for 45 years and everything I’ve got is for sale,” Rob Hibbits, founder of Hibbits Insurance, told me over the phone with a laugh.

Just as Obamacare was only the unofficial name of the Affordable Care Act, it’s likely that if Trumpcare sticks—and there’s no guarantee it will—it will be unofficial as well, which will probably make it difficult to profit from. The Hibbits family doesn’t seem to mind, however.

“We’re just having some fun with it,” Hibbits explained. “It’s like Obamacare. We have no idea what we’re going to do with it.”

They’re also not alone with their Trump-themed trademark squatting. There have been countless trademarks filed for things with the word “Trump” in them lately. Someone in California trademarked the term “Trump Power,” for instance, while someone in North Carolina trademarked the term “Talking Trump Doll.”


Somebody in Iowa also trademarked the term “Trump Turdz,” which the application says will be used specifically for “Stress relief exercise toys” and “Novelty toy items in the nature of fake poop.”

A screenshot from the US Patent and Trademark Office showing the trademark filed for Trump Turdz™, which is to be used as a novelty toy item (USPTO)
A screenshot from the US Patent and Trademark Office showing the trademark filed for Trump Turdz™, which is to be used as a novelty toy item (USPTO)

Here are some other recent trademarks that have been filed with the US Patent Office in recent months:

  • Love Trumps Hate™
  • WTT? What The Trump™
  • The Trump Border Wall™
  • The People Against Donald Trump™
  • Trump Pence 2020™
  • I have been “tweeted” by Trump™
  • Prayer Warriors for Trump™
  • What Would Trump Do?™
  • In Trump We Trust™
  • Trump Baby™
  • Trump Trash™
  • Trump’s Fault™
  • Dumps For Trump™
  • Trumptastic™
  • Impeach Trump™
  • Just Trump It™

It’s actually not so unusual for presidents to have their names included in trademarks. President Obama, for example, had his fair share of random people using his name—in May 2012, someone applied for the trademark “This Country Belongs to God Not to Obama.” But it’s since been abandoned, and it’s possible that many of the current “Trump” trademarks will be abandoned in time, too.


In related news, if you would like to sign up for Obamacare and still be guaranteed coverage through the end of the year, the deadline is tonight at midnight, Pacific time. It’s probably a smarter investment than trademarking something with “Trump” in it. But who knows? Dumps For Trump™ might make a killing if it’s a diaper company.

Matt Novak is the editor of Gizmodo's Paleofuture blog

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