An iPod Touch Capacitive Home Button Doesn't Make Any Sense

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There are pictures floating around the intertubes today that purportedly show a next-generation iPod Touch with no physical home button. It's shown up on CrunchGear and 9to5Mac. And it's almost definitely a fake.


The idea of a capacitive home button the iPod Touch seems like a ludicrous shakeup, something that would lead to an incredibly inconvenient user experience. So much accidental clickage! So much quitting out of apps in the middle of a killer Boggle run! It would also eventually have to roll out to the iPhone—since there's no way Apple would sacrifice synchronicity in their product lines—which would be a whole other disaster of hang-ups and such.

So while these pictures of a 128GB iPod Touch are popping up left and right, don't put a whole lot of faith in it. Especially since you're just a smudgy device and a Photoshop stamp tool away from making your own. [CrunchGear, 9to5Mac]

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I generally agree with the idea that capacitive hardware buttons are evil (I hate the ones on my Android phone), people really seem to dig them. While some hardcore users might lament the loss of tactile feedback and protection against accidental presses, the majority of regular people will just think it's more futuristic and never question the utility of it.