An NES Controller Purchased from the Merchant of Venice

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Some things seen can never be unseen. That's why we're sticking one man's NES controller—which he engraved into his flesh—after the jump.

Body Modification Ezine member Metal_Games either really loves the NES or really hates himself. Because he went through an hour of barbaric scarification (in which a trained professional sliced away chunks of his skin) to make his leg Konami code compatible. From his account:

The stencil went on, and we were ready to go. Starting with the lines, the pain wasn't half as bad as I'd expected. In fact, it was a breeze for the most part. It took Jeffrey, the artist, about 20 minutes to cut all the lines. A couple of deep breaths, and we went straight on to removing the skin...


I'll just add that removing skin before stopping the bleeding before cleaning the wound before living with the decision for the rest of his life was probably the hard part.

Read his full account of the experience at: {bmezine via GameDaily via GoNintendo]