An Ode to the Chemex, or How a Purist Brews Coffee

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The Chemex defines clean coffee—the spare apparatus, and the actual brew it produces. Both timeless and starkly modern, it might surprise you that its inventor drove a Cadillac with a gold Chemex mounted on the driver's door. [NYT]




Science raises it's ugly head. Burr grinders, blades, makes no difference. Perceived differences yeah sure, it's called confirmation bias, snobbery, and perception.

The Cook's Illustrated article helpfully debunks some coffee-grinding myths, however, such as the notion that blade grinders heat coffee beans more than burr grinders do, resulting in the evaporation of flavorful oils. Using an infrared thermometer, editors found that burr grinders, not blade grinders, cause the greater temperature increase. What's more, temperature increases did not adversely affect flavor.


I challenge Giz to do a blind taste test on the "differences" between the various technologies. I predict massive fail.