An XBox Miracle

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We're usually cold, heartless, and snarky over here, but today is the day before Christmas Eve, so here's a tearjerker for you from reader Jason proving that even enforced scarcity can't beat down the spirit of giving:

Grand Rapids, Michigan — 12/22/05

After reading the post about the next Best Buy shipment, I decided to make a stop at one of 4 Best Buys in the area to see if I could score a 360 for someone in my office. Her son is autistic and playing video games is one of the few things he truly enjoys. She had been trying desperately for weeks to get a console for him. I had an early morning meeting and got to Best Buy after my meeting at about 8:45 am.

There was hardly anyone at the store. I walked in and a sales associate asked if he could help me find anything. I said "I'm looking for an Xbox 360. Rumor has it you have some here today." He said they did and ushered me to another sales associate who promptly handed me ticket number 8 of 28 for a Premium system (they had 2 core systems).

I was floored. It was as if a prophecy had been fulfilled. After answering a litany of questions from the sales guy about why I was buying the system and then the endless attempts to cross and up sell me on various accessories and service plans, I picked my system up at checkout and left the store completely satisfied.

Twenty minutes later I delivered the system to my thrilled office mate, who was nearly in tears, and felt like Santa Claus. But it gets better....

Three other people in my office wanted systems as well and within an hour they all had them. the last two purchased systems 22 and 23 which meant at 10:30am there were STILL 5 systems left in the store.

At any rate, thanks Gizmodo for your post of last night. You made a very happy Christmas for an autistic child, his mother and 3 other Xbox fans in the midwest.

Have a Merry Christmas.


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