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Our stance on the analog to digital TV transition is that most people who can afford it should get a new TV, throwing their 1980s Magnavox set out like so much old trash. But are we insensitive to older folks and the less fortunate? A reader weighs in.


I really hate the condescending way your writers try to BULLY older people into buying a new TV instead of getting these boxes. First, many can't afford them, so they shouldn't be insulted for being poor - forget the fact that they probably don't have the internet either. It may take them 3-4 years to save for the TV. Second, I use my laptop computer to watch TV all the time, using a Hauppauge tuner, because my 58" HDTV can't seem to bring in some channels like 15, where the Maury Show and Judge Maria Lopez are my morning fare. I want a digital to analog converter box to hook up to the analog only tuner so I can continue to watch computer TV, because it's cheaper than a laptop digital tuner and nothing is wrong with my tuner to warrant junking it. Plus, we have a 53" projection TV in the bedroom and I can't afford to buy several expensive HDTV's when we basically only watch the late news back there, so a box IS the smarter choice for that TV, too, until prices go down. So tell your writers to THINK before they go insulting and bullying, because there are many good reasons people might need a converter box even with cable, as I have. Multiple TV homes might not want to spend a fortune just because some idiot calls them "grannies" for being a smart consumer. Wendy

What are you going to do when the transition hits? Get a new TV, or get a converter for your old set?


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