And Tesla the Twain Shall Meet

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Mark Twain and Nikola Tesla: The most powerful of minds, and the best of friends. Here, a captivated Sam Clemens tests Tesla's inductively powered incandescent lamp. The mad scientist lurks in the background, like, well, a mad scientist.


It's not terribly surprising that the two men were friends, since they were both revered figures in Gilded Age New York City, but it's endlessly fascinating to read about how these two men came to be friends—essentially, as mutual fanboys.

There's also a lesson to modern day science and tech luminaries: spend your famous friend currency wisely. [TheOpenEnd]

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I saw this pic and told my wife that they should make a movie centered around their friendship with David Bowie as Tesla (naturally)... but I couldn't think of who could possibly play Twin.

My wife responded, "Morgan Freeman, shopped white?"

I was like,"yeah... that just might work."