Android Apps January 21st

Google Translate: An amazing new feature brings Google Translate alive. No, really. It translates what you're saying in English to Spanish or vice versa, on the fly, in a conversational mode. Let's let Kat explain:

It's as easy as pressing a key when the language is being spoken-let's say you're trying to order some food in Spanish. It translates what you say into the phone on the fly, and then reads the Spanish version out loud, so the waiter can understand. They can then respond in Spanish, and the phone will convert it to English, speaking it out loud.


It's only English and Spanish for now but you know more will be coming. Free.

ATM Hunter: I hate it when I can't find a good ATM and am forced to cash out at some seedy liquor store that sells FourLoko in the back room. With MasterCard's new app, ATM Hunter, you can find specific bank ATMs, surcharge-free ATMs, 24-hour ATMs and even wheelchair accessible ones near you. Users can even add ATMs to the app too. Free.

Kongregate Arcade: You get over 300 different flash-based games on your phone for free. Some of them have to be good! Oddly, it got pulled from Android Market but can still be had on their site directly. Requires Android 2.2 with Flash installed. Free.


Jet Car Stunts Lite: It's the free 'lite' version of the full $2 app but it has 8 courses that aren't in the full version, so it's almost like an expansion pack. It's a racing game that'll track your fastest time so you can brag to your friends. Quick and pretty damn addictive. Free.


SeamlessWeb: The president of the SeamlessWeb fan club is without question Gizmodo's Sam I Am Biddle. And he's a pretty smart dude! So if you're in one of the 14 cities where SeamlessWeb makes it dough, take Sam's advice and use the SeamlessWeb Android app to make all your future food orders. The app will use GPS to find delivery-friendly restaurants nearby. Then you can check out restaurant ratings, cruise through menus, and place your order for delivery and make Sam happy. Free.


ABBYY Business Card Reader: As old school as business cards are, people still love handing 'em out! But what to do with them when you get them? Type in the info? Uh, no. Use ABBYY's Business Card reader to take a picture of the card and let it do all the legwork for you. It uses OCR software to work its magic. $10


NASA Spinoff: See everything that NASA has done in one purple Android app. Gary says:

If you can live with the app's bizarre purple layout-inspired by the Crab Nebula?-there's a good amount of content in here. A timeline of NASA innovations is good for boning up on what it's been up to since it was founded in 1958, plus there's a simple Google Maps tab showing where many NASA inventions can be found around you today. Plus there's an occasionally updated news feed.

Booty Symphony: Quite possibly the awesomest combo ever: T-Pain and butts. Kyle eloquently explains T-Pain's Nappy Boy's Booty Symphony :

It's not as crazy as it sounds! Just tap the various booties on the booty soundboard-including snippets from Nappy Boy songs like Tay Dizm's "Point Em Out" and Young Cash's "I'm a Freak"-to create a short, stimulating 30-second video. OK, maybe it's more crazy than it sounds.


Ah-mazing in an app. Free or $3.

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