Android Apps of the Week: Command Center, Pearltrees, and More

Welcome to hot, sticky depths of summer. The initial giddiness has worn off, and in its wake you've found yourself knee deep in sweat and exhaustion. We're here to help. This week's Android apps are all about organization and giving you the tools you need to find that inner peace we all so desperately crave. Whether it's keeping you up to date on news or giving you a notification center you've missed, we've got you covered.


Control Center: Want iOS 7's notification center but don't have an iOS device? No problem. There's a new app called Control Center that will gives you a clone of that feature any Android phone. The updated notification center lets you access several apps and settings by simply swiping on the bottom of the screen of your iPhone or iPad. With the duplicate app, you get pretty much the same experience on your Android. Plus, design-wise it looks just like iOS 7. So if you want some of the best parts of iOS 7 without actually having to buy an iPhone, here's your chance. [Free]

Congress: Just as its name might suggest, Congress let's you keep track of what's going on with US Congress. You can contact legislators, read up all the legislation that will never ever see the light of day, and gives you background information from the non-partisan Sunlight Foundation. Of course for the app to actually be use, Congress is going to have to, you know, do something. [Free]


Pearltrees: Already existing in a web and iOS form, Pearltrees' brand of "social curating" (I'm sorry) is finally making the jump to Android. Referring to itself as a social library, Pearltrees allows you to collect and organize all your various interests in a visually legible way. And now that Android users can hook it up to their handsets, the app will be able to pull from all your other apps, search and sharing throughout them as you so please. [Free]

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