After two years of dignified service on consumer handsets, the United States Military is now looking to send the plucky mobile OS into battle packing a new app from Raytheon. Updated

Raytheon's new Android application, appropriately named the Raytheon Android Tactical System, lets soldiers set up buddy lists that can track the location of other soldiers or unmanned vehicles. For example, a soldier can set a UAV as a buddy, find its location on a map, and watch video from the UAV's camera on his handheld.


Update: It sounds a lot like the iPod Touch Apps that soldiers have been using for a while, now available on Android. (Thanks, Dante!)

It all sounds like pretty cool stuff that could be a huge help on the battlefield. Update 2: And for all of you worried about what might happen if this app falls into the wrong hands, reader Derek wrote in to say that Raytheon obviously has a system ready to handle the situation. You can read more details here. The app should be deployed in the next month or two.

We asked Android's mother, Geoorgia, for comment on how she feels about her son joining the armed forces. A bittersweet look of remembrance spread across her face. "It seems like only yesterday that I put him on the G1," she replied. "Everyone said he'd never beat that iFellow, but look at him now."

As she showed us pictures of Android's young, slightly acned green dome, a tear fell onto the photos. For a moment, silence. Then words broke through: "Good thing my little Hero has a teflon coating." [Forbes]


Image via The U.S. Army