Android Gets Exchange Server Contact Sync Via Third-Party Dev

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As the Android team intimated when T-Mobile's G1 was launched, Exchange server support would have to come from third-party software developers. The first sign of this is ContactsSync, a free app distributed by net project-management software maker Wrike. To be clear, this isn't full Exchange syncing, it's just a way to dump Exchange contacts to your G1 phone. Every time you sync, whatever changes made to your contacts on your server get sent to the phone. It's not yet two-way—so no using your phone to update your server-based contacts—but the developer says it'll add that functionality soon. I asked Wrike's Valerie Sinitskaya about calendar and email and she told me that calendar syncing was dependent on Android's API—it's not yet available. As for email, she says, "Users can access their email from Exchange using IMAP, so we don't have plans to sync email." Fair enough, though I do still fear for Android, business-wise, if all we get is a piecemeal network of apps, each doing a part of what a mobile Outlook could do. [Wrike]