Android on E-Ink Induces Headaches, Is Actually Great News For eBook Readers

The Moto Development group has demonstrated the first working Android-powered e-ink display, clearing a major hurdle in the development of eBook readers for the OS.

This is strictly a proof of concept device—I doubt anyone could find much use for this unwieldy rig—but the development of an Android display driver for e-ink is the star of the show here. With the display interfacing taken care of, developers can focus on creating a low-power, stripped-interface Android suitable for eBook readers. Preferably one that doesn't initiate four full, blinking screen refreshes every time something on the screen moves. Anyway: a common platform for eBook readers, active dev community, open source, third-party apps, yadda yadda, you know. It'd be a good thing. [Moto Labs via AndroidandMe]



I don't see right now what they are going to do to stop that flickering, since that has to do with how the e-ink medium works and is refreshed.

e-ink gets a bad rap because it isn't a do all solution, but what it DOES do, it does really well.