Android Smartphone Identifies Small Town Dumbrobber

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Hey, criminals: what's the first thing you do after breaking and entering? Take a picture of yourself with the victim's phone, right? Well, not when that phone has Lookout, an app that automatically backs up all photos to a server.

A 15-year old male in Wilsonville, OR was arrested last week and charged with first degree burglary after breaking into a home and stealing electronics and personal items. While he was there, though, he took some time out to photograph himself and his accomplice with one of the two Motorola Android phones the owners had left out on the kitchen table. Whoops!

The pictures taken by the phone were sent to the home owner's server that night, giving police enough visual evidence to charge one of the two thieves. His accomplice is still at large, but justice is just one call to Xbox support away. [Wilsonville Spokesman via Engadget]