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Android Taking Wind Out Of iPhone's Sails

Just in time for Google to unveil its own Nexus One smartphone, ChangeWave Research reports the public is more excited than ever to buy an Android based handset — at the expense of Apple, Microsoft, and Palm.


ChangeWave surveyed 4,068 consumers in the first weeks of December and found that 21% of people looking to buy a smartphone in the next 90 days want to buy one running on Android. That's up from 6% when ChangeWave asked people in September.

Considering Verizon is spending tens of millions marketing the Droid, this shouldn't come as a shock. Google is a popular brand unto itself, so it makes sense that people are excited about its smartphones.


Apple remains the smartphone of choice for now, with 28% of the people saying they will buy an iPhone. The BlackBerry falls to third place with 18% — but interest in BlackBerry devices actually perked up. Meanwhile, Palm needs big help.

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Nexus One + Moto Droid = the 1, 2 combo of smart phone excellence...

As a G1 owner from the very first day it's been available I can attest to just how far Android has come. Sure, the phone was usable when it first launched, but it certainly didn't come out swinging.

Starting tomorrow (hopefully) Android will not only have a powerful phone on America's largest network (Droid, Verizon) but will also have a touch-screen only phone that can go toe-to-toe with the iPhone and will hopefully be made available on T-Mob AND AT&T... although I'm not sure AT&Ts network could handle the load from the N1 and the iPhone.