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Android: Who's Using What?

Illustration for article titled Android: Whos Using What?

Google has updated its Developer-focused breakdown of the Android user base, generating a lovely green pie chart showing which versions of the mobile OS its users are on. Not that most people have a choice about it, of course.


The stats show that Android 2.1 is way in the lead, occupying the ROM space of 55.5% of all Android phones—with the very latest 2.2 update only sitting on 3.3% of handsets (that'll be the Nexus One owners) that connected to the Android Market in the two-week period ending July 15.

Android 1.5 is still going strong, too, thanks to the slow pace of updates around the world and a few phones left in permanent limbo by their uncaring makers. [Android Developers]

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This is the one hesitancy I have about switching from iPhone to Android... I don't want to pick "the wrong phone" and get left behind while everybody else is enjoying some awesome breakthrough feature in the latest OS update that my manufacturer doesn't see fit to port to my phone.