Aneesh Chopra Visits CES, Gets a Slap on the Wrist

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Yesterday, Obama's Chief Technology Officer went to Vegas to hang out with Blam, Chen, Frooch, et al. And what did he get from Consumer Electronics Association head honcho? Not a request for POTUS's cell number, but a bollocking.

A light bollocking, admittedly, but Gary Shapiro called him out on what he sees as the Government's inability to encourage tech entrepreneurship. "When it comes to innovation, there's a lot the government can do, and there's a lot they should not do," said the head of the CEA, the mooks behind the CES beanfest. "The government doesn't spur innovation or entrepreneurship. The government often gets in the way."

The CEA wants the US to facilitate the movement of skilled workers between countries such as India and China, plus a change in trade policy to allow American exports to compete with cheaper goods from elsewhere. Other little slapdowns included the $787 billion stimulus act ("panic spending") which must have had Chopra reeling.


Well, no it didn't actually. "We have to eat our own dogfood," he replied. (Really, Mr Chopra, I can't recommend it lowly enough) "Gary is right about the federal deficit. We are in an economic crisis but we are going to tackle it. We have to get it right." Right. [BBC News]

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The CEA isnt the CEO of the USA. The governemnt is to do what is best for the majority of its citzens and not bow to trade orgainzations who have their own agendas.

Not that it actually works that way....but thats the plan.