Angkor Wat Might Be the Prettiest Street View Yet

Fresh outta Cambodia, Angkor Wat is the latest addition to Google Maps' already considerable portfolio of beautiful places you can explore using Street View. It's one of the most stunning places on the entire planet, and Google stepped up its game accordingly.


It's got digital rendering of over 100 temples, and more than 90,000 new panoramas of the exteriors, the interiors, and the individual carvings inside. That's kind of mind-boggling. To do it, Google used everything from Street View cars to Trekkers and tripods. Once you're done looking around, if you feel inclined you can go deeper with hundreds of exhibits from the Google Cultural Institute.

It really is an incredible preview of a place everyone should should try to visit at least once in their life. You can check it out here. [Google Lat Long Blog]

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It's an amazing place, and definitely worth a visit. You can get the entire history of Siam, lunch, and transport to a ton of temples for like $50, which I guess you can get for free now from Google. But not the lunch or history parts.